I like my summer hot and my wine chilled

Hooray for pink wine season!  I love rosé in the summer.  I love it all year round, but there is something special about a warm lazy afternoon with a chilled rosé.  What can be a drag is when that specific wine you have a hankering for, is the one that didn’t make it into the chiller and what is in the chiller is not quite what you want. Yes, I do realize these are first-world problems.  And for them, there is this handy-dandy, first-world solution – the Quirky Icecap Wine Chiller.

It is hard for me to resist kitchen or wine gear, especially when Williams-Sonoma personally presents it to me on every web page I visit.  This little gadget caught me a few weeks ago.

Yes, it does take a bit to maintain.  Rinse it out and let it dry for an hour or more before you freeze it, so you don’t clog up the aerator path.  Yes, you also have to freeze it like you would the insert for an ice cream maker, so you had better make room.

Once it has frozen, you simply set it on top of your glass and pour slowly.  It chills and aerates at the same time.  We recently purchased our first EuroCave and my darling hubby is now spoiled and wants all of his wine at 54°F. This little device does a nice job of taking the edge off of a room temperature wine, while you quick put the bottle in the chiller before the second glass.

So bring on the Sunday afternoon sippers.  I am ready.  Cheers!