I blame the kids

Has this ever happened to you?  I am embarrassed to admit that it has happened to me more than once.  So much so that my kiddos now know to check exactly which bags they have before we leave the house.

Wine bags are a good thing.  Make sure to keep a few in your car for spontaneous tastings to carry home your newest finds.  This also prevents your accidental collection from growing any larger.  My collection is truly ridiculous.

Are you taking your wine bags out and about this weekend?  I am hoping to get a quick tasting in on Sunday afternoon and I would like to try someplace new to me.  Maybe Gorman Winery.  We are heading out to Red Mountain for our 2015 Wineaversary weekend and I am working on locking in our itinerary by previewing wine makers.  Fidélitas is definitely on my list and it is a list heavy on reds.  Any suggestions you may have for us are welcome!

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Weekend Wine Nerd

I am the opposite of a wine expert. Spending my weekends trying to learn more about the grape.

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